Remove Pinterest from Google Search – Unpinterested Easy Guide

On searching images in your browser, do you find yourself distracted by the Pinterest results in your search? Do you want to remove Pinterest from Google search? If you are facing this issue, no more worries. Let’s fix the problem, kick out Pinterest results from your search, and enjoy filtered content.

Exclude Pinterest from Google search

As we all know, Pinterest is a well-known visual search engine that shares quality informational content. But sometimes, we don’t like Pinterest to overcome our search results. So, here are the most straightforward solutions to your problem. Here we discussed the best ways to remove Pinterest from Google search results.

Seeing the Pinterest results in your search, you might get duplicate content, or you might not be a Pinterest user, so you intend to get rid of Pinterest results. Stay connected and read the article till the end. Let’s proceed toward the methods to remove Pinterest from Google search.

Best Methods to Remove Pinterest from Google Search

Before heading over to the methods, I assure you that by following this easy guide, you will easily remove Pinterest from search results. The four best possible practices are discussed below.

Exclude pinterest from google results

Method 1. Via Pinterest app.

  • Launch the Pinterest application on your mobile or desktop device.
  • Open your Pinterest app. and head towards Pinterest settings.
  • Under settings, click privacy and data.
  • Below privacy & data, click search engine privacy and turn on this option.
  • On enabling this feature, Pinterest is excluded from your search results. No matter which browser you use, it will remove Pinterest from all search engine results.

Method 2. Via Pinterest Web

  • Go to your browser and search for
  • Go to settings, and click Privacy and data.
  • Under Privacy & data, enable the feature “search engine privacy.”
  • Your search won’t be interrupted by Pinterest results anymore.

Method 3. Unpinterested extension

Suppose you want to get rid of Pinterest images in your search results. Don’t worry Pintloader is here with the most straightforward solutions. Just install a chrome extension named as UnPinterested. This extension will block all Pinterest results from your search results. Search for unpinterested chrome extension in your chrome bar, install and activate it to get your desired results.

Unpinterested, Remove Pinterest from Google Results

Method 4. Remove Pinterest from Google Search Via Prefix

Suppose you don’t want to indulge with Pinterest settings and chrome extensions. Here is another solution, but the methods mentioned above are quite easy. Excluding Pinterest via Prefix is a little tricky, and you need to block Pinterest each time while searching.

  • Type the site you want to block, like ¬†
  • Before, type the prefix “else”, and make sure¬† to enter the prefix in inverted commas or quotation marks.
  • Enjoy Pinterest-free search results.

All the methods discussed above are pretty simple and easy to follow. The 4th method is a bit tricky and time-consuming because, in this case, you need to modify your search each time. But you can use the 4th method not only for Pinterest but to remove any site for your search results. The prior methods are more effective and recommended to save time.

Final Words-Exclude Pinterest from Google Search

I’m sure this Pinterest guide will assist you in getting your desired search results. All these methods are equally effective, but you can use the one at your ease. If you are facing any trouble, feel free to contact us at any time. Now enjoy browsing without any interruption of Pinterest content. Enjoy Surfing!

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