Pinterest Hashtags, Easy Guide to Trending Hashtags

Are you wondering about Pinterest hashtags or trending hashtags on Pinterest? These are the words or phrases that start with the # sign without any space. These are the labels that help user to find information efficiently. Hashtags on Pinterest help filter the data, provide concise results to the user, and help publishers increase their content’s visibility and make the target audience reachable.

Each hashtag points towards a particular topic. Hashtags feature is present on almost all social media platforms, including Facebook, Instagram, Reddit, LinkedIn and Twitter. Tags are present in every single niche for the ease of user. Here we are going to discuss Pinterest hashtags, and an easy guide to trending hashtags on Pinterest.

How do Pinterest Hashtags Work?

Pinterest hashtags work the same way as on other social media platforms. But on Pinterest, these are no more clickable. If you are using good hashtags in your description, there is the probability that your pin will appear in search, and these hashtags will drive traffic to your pin. Pinterest suggests the most searched hashtags for your content to reach the audience.

A large audience posts daily on Pinterest; for users, it might be hard to reach the pin of their choice, and tags make it easy for them to get their desired content just by searching the relevant tags. When using hashtags, be assured that your post will be visible to the right audience searching for this content. Tags keep your pins updated and searched by the audience. Make sure to use accurate hashtags and relevant tags with an optimized title and description; definitely, your pin will appear in search and might rank.

How many hashtags to use on Pinterest?

Pinterest lets you use up to 20 hashtags in a single pin. But hashtag stuffing doesn’t leave a good impression. Overuse of hashtags might cause your account suspension and gives a misleading look. Be concise and use the most searched and followed hashtags to drive traffic to your account. If you are confused, use instant method, enter your keyword in the search bar, and Pinterest will suggest to you the most accurate and highly searched and trending hashtags you can use them.

How to find Trending Hashtags?

Hashtags are not mandatory while posting content but are helpful in many ways; hashtags increase your post reach and drive traffic to your pin by attracting a real audience. Ensure that your hashtags must be accurate and relevant to your pin and board. Using irrelevant hashtags leaves a wrong impression on the user and your account. You can search hashtags on Pinterest or use tools like Pinterest hashtags generator or hashtag expert to find trending hashtags.

Pinterest is a kind of search engine; like search engines give you an edge in ranking by using highly searched and quality keywords, Pinterest does the same. Social media platforms, most specifically Pinterest, appreciate seasonal and trending content. Like if it’s Halloween season, you can create content relevant to this event and use hashtags like #halloween #halloweenparty #halloweencostume #halloweendecor #halloweenmakeup.

Suppose you are a beginner at this platform and have less traffic to your account. Don’t be so specific; I’ll recommend you to use Hashtags with broad terms like fashion, education and entertainment relevant to your post niche. These general terms encompass many categories and will make your post reachable to large audiences, brands and popular accounts. If you are still confused use Pinterest hashtag generator or hashtag expert to find tags.

Frequently Asked Questions

You can create tags using search instant feature in Pinterest or hashtag generator tools.

Hashtags are not compulsory but play important role in ranking your pin, and targeting the particular audience.

The most trending hashtags are the seasonal hashtags or tags related to the current event or social issues or tags like #love #fashion #art #aesthetic #picoftheday.

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Final Words

Pinterest hashtags are crucial in ranking your pins and are a rich traffic source. But don’t mess up your pin description by stuffing irrelevant and offensive hashtags. Doing so might take your account risk to keep your description organized and attractive. Unless you are focused on a good keyword and Hashtag strategy, Posting on Pinterest would be worth it.

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