Pinterest Business : Marketing and Branding on Pinterest

Pinterest business is a very trusted buying and selling platform. People using Pinterest business are looking for new thoughts and are looking to buy your ideas. You can target a considerable population; around 433 million people use Pinterest monthly. Pinterest ads are the best way to reach your targeted audience. You have the freedom of choice to present your ideas the way you want.

Pinterest business is free of cost. It allows you to run ad campaigns and keep an eye on your pin or ad analytics. You need to create a separate business account. Pinterest business accounts have more features like Pinterest analytics and Pinterest business hub.

What is Pinterest business account?

A Pinterest business account allows you to track your performance across the platform, create catalogues, create all kinds of pins and allows you to become a merchant. In contrast, the Pinterest personal account only allows you to create static pins. The board feature is the same for both accounts and helps engage users.

How to create a Business account?

To create a Business account, Use a new mail for business account. If you are going to create a linked account, sign up on the Pinterest business using the exact same mail you used for your personal account. By creating a linked business account, you have the option to connect up to 4 business accounts with your personal account. You can convert your personal account to a business one and can switch between the two accounts. Audience and pins will remain the same.

Steps for Linked Account
Steps to Convert Account
  • Reach the Pinterest app and sign in.
  • Click •••
  • Click settings
  • Click Add account
  • Click create under new business account
  • Click linked account
  • Click create account
  • Follow the Popups, Click Done
  • Go to the Pinterest app and login.
  • Click ••• , then settings
  • Click account management
  • Click convert to business account under account change
  • Add Profile name, then click next
  • Choose business category
  • Choose if you want to run ads
  • Click Done

Build a Pinterest Business Team

Build a team of people who appreciate and promote your thoughts. They will help you excel in your ideas and bring in conversions. Keep your content updated; content never expires, but trends do, so keep your profiles updated according to the trends. With time audience will reach your business.

Pinterest Business : Marketing and Branding on Pinterest

The conversion rate on Pinterest business is two times more than on other selling platforms. Merchants generate sales by targeting their desired community, primarily through advertisements. Using Pinterest business, you can use the catalogue feature and create ads. Marketers promote their items through ads and creating campaigns to increase the impression and conversion rate to the utmost level.

What are Pinterest Ads?

Pinterest ads do not interrupt the user experience but have an inspirational interface for the user. Shoppers get what they want, and you promote your business. Pinterest ads increase your brand’s awareness, conversions, online sales, signups, subscriptions and offline sales. Ads help you to drive traffic and fulfil your goal. Ads on Pinterest are cost-effective and highly returnable, with a valuable conversion rate compared to the other social platforms. Showcase your items in the format you like the most.

Pinterest Business Analytics

Ad creating tools are simple to use; you can create an ad using your mobile phone in seconds and turn your pin into the ad. Ad manager is used to editing and customising your campaigns. Merchants on Pinterest have an opportunity to work with Pinterest business Partners who are trustworthy and ad experts. The merchant has the right to choose the bid amount and can expand his campaign duration as per his needs.

Marketing and Branding on Pinterest

Pinterest takes your ads to the targeted population based upon the pin details and the information you place while creating an ad. Marketers can use Pinterest ads to reach the target population based on their search history and home feed. Pinterest will show ads to the interested population as per the user’s history log. An audience is specified based on age, country, gender and language.

Final Words

Use highly searched keywords relevant to your product. Merchants have the option to use a customer list to keep the users engaged to their site who once visited their site. Keep tracking your campaign analytics to see your ad’s performance, traffic and user experience.

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