How to Share Facebook Videos to Pinterest?

Pinterest is a very popular platform for sharing ideas among different communities across the world. Pinterest not only accepts online images but also from different platforms, including Facebook. Did you ever consider posting from your Facebook account to Pinterest? Posting on Facebook or Pinterest is not a tough job, but generating a pin from Facebook to Pinterest is something new. Let’s discuss How to share Facebook videos to Pinterest? Or how to pin from Facebook to Pinterest.

As the question arises, How do you share Facebook videos to Pinterest? Or, How to pin from Facebook to Pinterest? In this article, we will discuss two easy methods to upload Facebook videos or images directly to Pinterest. We are focused to keep our users at ease, you don’t need to install or download application to your device in order to download or share facebook videos to Pinterest.

Without consuming your time let’s see the safest and trouble free hacks. The first one by using the post (video, image) URL, and the second one by usingĀ  the Pinterest save button. To download Pinterest videos, consider our Pinterest video downloader. Pintloader serves as Pinterest story downloader, Gif downloader, and Pinterest image downloader as well.

How to Share Facebook videos to Pinterest using URL?

Follow the same procedure to share Facebook videos using URL, whether you are using mobile phone or desktop.

  • Turn On your mobile phone or desktop.
  • Go to the Facebook app or Facebook web from your browser.
  • Copy the video or image URL from Facebook.
  • Now open Pinterest app or from your browser.
  • Click on the + icon; new options will pop up; choose create a pin.
  • Add title and description of the pin.
  • Select the particular board where you intend to place it.
  • Now paste the URL in Pinterest (the URL you copied from Facebook).
  • Pinterest will automatically fetch the video/image from Facebook.
  • Push the Save button. On pushing the save button, your video is ready to watch.
  • Hurray, your video is published on Pinterest.

How to Share Facebook Videos using Pinterest Save Button?

Sharing a pin from Facebook to Pinterest via Pinterest browser button is a manual procedure but quite simple and easy. Whether you are using a mobile phone or desktop, the procedure is same to share Facebook videos to Pinterest. Let’s do it:

  • Download Pinterest browser Button on your device.
  • Go to Facebook in your browser, no matter which browser you are using. It is all browser supported..
  • Select the video you want to share on Pinterest.
  • Right-click on the video and open it in a new tab.
  • Click on the Pinterest Save button on the bottom left.
  • It will take you to Pinterest and add a title and description.
  • Choose the board from your where you want to share this video.
  • Push the save button to share the video.
  • Hurray! Your video is published and ready to see.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Sign in to your Pinterest profile.
  • Click on the dropdown arrow.
  • Go to security & logins.
  • Look for the login options.
  • Check the box “log in with Facebook.”
  • Click Save or Done.
  • Log in to your Instagram account.
  • Copy the desired video URL.
  • Go to Pinterest and paste the link there.
  • Add title and description, and select your board.
  • Click Save Button.

You can download Pinterest browser button from the Microsoft store.

The latest version of the Pinterest browser button is completely safe with no vulnerabilities. The last version had some bugs.

Using our Pinterest video Downloader ( you can download your favorite Pinterest content in mp4 HDR format. It is free of cost and easy to use.

Still Have Questions?

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Pintloader is here to provide you with the best Pinterest-related solutions. In this article, we highlight the ways to share Facebook videos to Pinterest, and how to share Instagram videos to Pinterest using URL and Pinterest save button. Both the methods are equally reliable.

You can use the one depending on your ease. You can also share Instagram videos to Pinterest following the same procedure. If you are looking for the best Pinterest video Downloader tool, don’t forget to try our Pinterest video Downloader, which is super easy to use and completely free with no limitations.

Note : Things you need to have prior to sharing a post from Facebook to Pinterest. Pinterest button, Facebook and Pinterest account.

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