How to Print Pinterest Board – Easy Guide

Are you wondering how to print Pinterest Board? On Pinterest we see a vast collection of  fascinating images, and most of the time we want to save them or take a print of Pinterest images. Pinterest have all kind of images, you can choose images based on your niche though, cooking, recipes, business, finance, education, fashion, clothing, weather and nature.

What did you say, you can’t print Pinterest images? No worries, Pintloader is here with the best solution printing solution. In this article we are going to see how to print Pinterest Board, images from Pinterest and save to your device, you can print images from Pinterest on iPad, iPhone, android and desktop. Procedure to print pictures from Pinterest is same for Pinterest web and Pinterest app.

How to Print Pinterest Board - Easy Guide

In this article we will highlight the most easy ways on how to print Pinterest boards, how to print Pinterest pins or how to print Pinterest images. On Pintloader you can use free online Pinterest video downloader, Pinterest image downloader, story and Gif downloader.

How to Print Pinterest Board 2022

Here is an ultimate guide to print from Pinterest. We ensure you that you will find all answers to your questions regarding printing from Pinterest by the end of this article. Let’s proceed towards printing a Pinterest board on desktop.

  • Go to your browser. (Chrome, Firefox etc.)
  • Search for on your desktop.
  • Choose the board.
  • Download this board to your desktop in the form of a folder.
  • Open the folder you just saved to your desktop.
  • Hold the Ctrl. key and press left key along with that.
  • Right-click on the desired images.
  • Choose print, and choose the print layout, i.e the number of images you want to print on a single page.
  • Choose the Print option to proceed printing.

This method is very convenient as compared to downloading the board in PDF format and then extracting it and taking print of it. Taking print from pdf file will print text as well which don’t leaves a good impression but gives a rough look to your print. There is no difference printing from windows or Mac, you need to follow the same method.

Print Pinterest images using iOS

Now we are going to discuss a method which is officially approved by the Apple organization to take prints on all apple devices using Airprint enabled printer. Let’s see in detail:

  • Connect printer and iOS device to the same internet connection, and make sure they are discoverable to each other.
  • Check if your printer support Airprint.
  • Launch Pinterest app on your iOS device.
  • Click the print button.
  • Select Airprint enabled printer.
  • Edit the options as per your requirements, like how many images do you want to display in a single page and size of the image etc.
  • Click Print button to get your favorite images printed.

Print Pinterest Boards on Android

Android and iOS are poles apart based upon their features. Lets discuss the official method to print images or pins using Android devices. Make sure to install Google Cloud Print app on your Android device. Sometimes uploaded image have poor quality by the publisher, in this case you can edit image using editing tools. Let’s discuss the method to take print from Android.

  • Click Print from the stacked dotted menu.
  • Choose the printer.
  • Select the images one by one and adjust their dimensions.
  • Click the Print button to proceed towards printing.

Frequently asked questions

Yes, you can print Pinterest content. Before printing set up the printing device, turn it on, and be ready to connect. Select the content to print and click the Print button.

Pinterest images are free to use unless the content owner don’t claims copyright. Pinterest is not the actual owner of the content on Pinterest but the publishers are, who own the license to their content.

Choose a high quality paper to print (Photo Paper). As per my experience I find Matte photo paper the best printing paper. Try changing the settings of your printer to go with the best results.

Final Words

We described the easiest ways to print your favorite content on different kinds of devices. Now you would be able to print Pinterest images  using Mac, desktop, iOS and Android.

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