How to post on Pinterest? Easy Pinterest Guide

Are you a newbie to this visual platform called Pinterest and are looking for how to get the advantage of this wonderful social media network? Let us learn how to post on Pinterest using Android, iOS, Mac, and windows.

How to post on Pinterest?

If you are a Photographer by profession or like photography you can also sell your valuable media on Pinterest. Moreover, we can explore content posted by other publishers. You can like, save, share or download Pinterest media published by other users. On Pintloader you can download HD videos, images, Gifs and stories easily.

How to Post on Pinterest?

If you are new to Pinterest you must be wondering about what is Pinterest, and how to post on Pinterest. We will discuss the easiest ways to create a Pinterest post. To get complete knowledge about posting on Pinterest read out this complete guide. Let’s start pinning on Pinterest.

How to pin videos on Pinterest?

Pinterest video pins play a vital role to deliver your idea, explaining or express your thoughts. Your video thumbnail must be fascinating to intrigue the visitor’s attention. If your video appears in the news feed it must be attractive enough that the user can’t stop himself from landing on your Pinterest account.

How to pin on pinterest

If you intend to post videos on Pinterest, follow the below-mentioned steps carefully:

  • Sign in to your Pinterest profile via the Pinterest web or app.
  • Click + sign on the right-hand side of your device screen.
  • From the drop-down menu choose to Create Pin option.
  • On clicking Create pin button you will be redirected to a new page with all specifications mentioned in detail.
  • To post the video on Pinterest you can either drag and drop the video on this page or do it manually by clicking the upward arrow mark.
  • Add an optimized title and meta description to your post.
  • Make sure to use a maximum number of keywords in the title and description to boost your pin engagement.
  • After that select board, more specifically a board relevant to the video you’re going to pin.
  • After doing all configuration this is the time to publish or schedule your video. This is your choice to publish the video immediately or to schedule it.

Your pin goes live on clicking Publish button. Sometimes if your content is violating the Pinterest terms and conditions or policies. It goes under review and might take up to 24 hours to publish your pin. Follow the same procedure to upload photos on desktop and mobile.

Frequently Asked Questions

Back in 2021, Pinterest preferred using hashtags but now keyword optimization is prioritized over hashtags. Make sure to use relevant and quality keywords in your post title and description.

You can upload all kinds of images to your Pinterest account. Pinterest supports all kinds of formats. You can either keep your images private or public this is your choice.

Yes, to upload multiple images choose the bulk option and select pictures. Add title and description to the image and publish them.

Pinterest is a very safe visual search engine. It is completely secure you can use Pinterest on all browsers including chrome, google, Mozilla Firefox, Microsoft edge etc.

Final Words:

If you are not on Pinterest yet, it’s not too late. Take a new start by creating your Pinterest account, and start posting on it. Create pins and boards, share your thoughts and get ideas from different communities, and enjoy your social presence on this ideal and well-known platform.

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