Get Followers on Pinterest, Easy Pinterest Guide 2022

Do you know the hacks to get followers on Pinterest. Pinterest is not only used to connect with communities worldwide. It is also the biggest platform to generate sales and drive traffic. You are not restricted to the existing followers; Pinterest is a great place to connect with new followers. 78% of the users claim Pinterest is a valuable platform for discovering brands.

Strategy to Get Followers on Pinterest

Moreover, Pinterest is the number one selling platform. However, if you are a seller, buyer, or merchant being part of Pinterest, you would like to get followers on Pinterest and boost up your account. Here we will discuss the best hacks to get followers on Pinterest account.

How to Get Followers on Pinterest?

Take care of the curiosity of your audience. 70% of the users are female, and the rest of the 30% are men. So you need to target a niche relevant to the needs of the female population. Most Pinterest users are females between the ages group 25 to 55. About 50% of Pinterest users belong to the United State. You need to craft content as per the user’s needs.

To get followers on Pinterest, see what’s trending on Pinterest and try to introduce those ideas to your account. You can repin posts or write some valuable comments on other charges. It will boost your presence across this platform. You can join group boards and get followers from there. As all members in a group are working on the same niche.

Strategy to Get Followers on Pinterest

Pinterest support unique and original content. People, use this platform to gain ideas, new thoughts, and reviews, so make sure to keep your content updated. Your ideas are more valuable than posting stocked images. The ranking images have some qualities, like high resolution and aspect ratio. Pinterest prefers vertical images over horizontal images.

Effective Hacks to Get Pinterest Followers

Most of the users visit Pinterest from their mobile phones, so vertical image alignment is the best fit for the mobile layout. If you intend to upload a short video, it would be a better choice than high-quality images. Your image should be prominent with a good theme and precise idea. Don’t overwhelm your image, encompassing more than a maximum of 4 items in a pin. Your image description needs to be interesting, optimized and compelling to attract visitors’ attention.

To make your profile discoverable to get followers on Pinterest, you need to add an optimized description under your profile name. Name your boards and board sections carefully and try to give them keyword-optimized names. Make sure to use keyword language while writing descriptions and titles. The most rated pins on Pinterest are those relevant to mobile applications, recipes, blogging, fashion, and product reviews.

Strategy to Get Followers on Pinterest

The peak time to target the maximum audience is 11:00 Pm; this is the most accurate time to share pins. If you aren’t available at this time, you can schedule content for your ease. Take full benefit of events like Mother’s day, Halloween, and Christmas. These are the most trending events, and people are looking for ideas to celebrate these events. So, be the first to share your innovative ideas across the platform and get ranked.

Add Pinterest follow button

Pinterest follow button plays a significant role in increasing followers to your account. Make sure to use this follow button in your website, newsletter or different sections of your website. Visitors like the social presence of a brand or company. Add some appealing pins from your Pinterest account to your site. It will attract the visitors to your site, and users will redirect themselves to your Pinterest account.

If you have a budget, run campaigns to boost your search visibility, rank your pins and increase followers to your account. To get followers on Pinterest choose a pin with good performance. Give this pin a little boost by investing some budget; it will pay you back. If you have brand cards you can publish, add a QR card there. So, people can reach your Pinterest profile by scanning this code.

Frequently Asked Questions

Choose the trending category and create a pin with SEO optimized title and description. Try to target well-researched keywords with high search volumes in your Pinterest Pins.

  • Pinterest Business is likely to get more followers.
  • Optimize your username and description.
  • Try to engage Pinterest users by sharing trending content.
  • Keep your content updated and original.

The most followed Pinterest accounts of 2022 include Oh Joy, Poppy talk, Maryann Rizzo, and Mamas Uncut. Oh Joy is top of the list with 15.2 million followers; let’s see their original followers.

Oh Joy15.2 Million
Poppy Talk10.5 Million
Maryann Rizzo9 Million
Mamas Uncut8.5 Million
Final Words

Start a giveaway with clear rules and regulations that comply with the terms and conditions of Pinterest. You can set your requirements by following this account to participate in this giveaway. You can create a trending hashtag to attract users to your account. Try all strategies and keep an eye on your analytics, and opt for the one that works for you.

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