Accept group board invitations on Pinterest Easily

Accept group board invitations on Pinterest quickly. Pinterest group boards are boards with different participants who contribute by sharing their thoughts and ideas collectively. These are shared boards for discussion and interaction among the board members. Each board on Pinterest is specified for a particular category. A Pinterest account has multiple boards which present different niches.

Using the group board feature, you will get an advantage in promoting your stuff. It will help you interact with people with the same thoughts and will give you a chance to work in collaboration with other board members. It would be easy for you to work with the people in this network as you would all focus on a single thought. This article will highlight how to accept group board invitations on Pinterest.

Accept Pinterest group board invitations

Accept Group Board Invitations

Group boards feature an excellent factor in your growth. Like if you want to raise donations for an organization, all the members will come up working on a single motive. Group boards are like communities you can share your article’s URL and drive traffic and can promote your business. There is no device restriction to accept Pinterest group board invitations, and the method is the same for mobile phones and desktops.

How to create group boards?

  • Choose the board you want to convert to the group board in your Pinterest account.
  • Under Board title, click this icon +.
  • Now send invitations to the members you want to collaborate with by searching their names.
  • The person being invited will receive an official invitation email from Pinterest.
  • The mail contains a Red button to accept the invitation.
  • The mail contains a Red button to accept the invitation.
Accept Pinterest group board invitations

Sometimes people complain about not receiving Pinterest group board invitations in their mail account. For two reasons, you may have marked Pinterest notifications as spam, so check your spam folder. The second reason is that the coordinator has not used accurate Pinterest mail while sending the invitation. Let’s check for the other possible options to receive and accept group board invitations.

You will receive a notification on your group board; you can accept the invitation from there. The second choice is to go to your Pinterest messages, and you will see a note in your inbox. Proceed. Proceed from there and accept the Pinterest group board invitation from there. The last option is to let Pinterest refresh itself and wait for some time; otherwise, ask your coordinator to resend the invitation; these methods will indeed work.


In your profile, check out your profile link; you will find your username in that link.

Type your keyword in the Pinterest search bar, the results, and click boards. You will see different boards; click the one with multiple profiles as a group board has various members.

There is a limit to create Pinterest boards. On maximum you can create up to 2000 boards including group and secret boards.

On deletion of a group board, will delete all Pins on this particular board.

If you are a collaborator, go to the group board; you will see all profiles; click × in front of your profile to leave the account. If you are a coordinator, trash the board to quit.

There is no limit for posting pins daily. But to keep everything genuine you should not post more than 10 pins a day.

Accept Pinterest group board invitations
Final Words

After accepting the Pinterest group board invitation, you can pin on that board, like, and share the pin. Before accepting the invitation, check the group board category, niche content, and the people posting there. To receive secret group board invitations, ensure you are logged in via browser because this feature does not work on the mobile app. Even after joining the board, you have the choice to leave or ignore the group board notifications.

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