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Are you confused about How to download Pinterest videos in the gallery? Our online Pinterest video downloader is a free-of-cost, efficient video, story, and gifs downloader tool. Get advantage of our best video downloader tool. Using this free Pinterest video downloader online tool, you can download your favorite content from Pinterest to MP4, 720p HD quality. Download Pinterest videos in your desired format, either PNG or JPG format on this video downloader website.

Using the Pinterest video downloader online tool, you can easily download all kinds of Pinterest videos, images, and gifs. You no more need to look for Pinterest APK or Pinterest video downloader APK. Enjoy your favorite content with high resolution, MP4, and 720p quality results. Download video from link, this all video downloader online tool would not charge you even a single penny to download HD video of your choice; it is free of cost.

Pinterest Video Downloader - Free MP4 Online Downloader

Pinterest Video Downloader Online

Pinterest video downloader is an online social media networking tool for downloading high-quality images, stories, videos, and gifs from Pinterest to MP4 format. It is specially designed for Pinterest for you to download your desired content easily without any cost. With the ease of use, our best Pinterest video downloader is a reliable and secure tool; now, entire Pinterest content is a click away and approachable without wasting your time.

Let’s discuss the most important thing about our pin video downloader. How to download videos from Pinterest to MP4 using our Pinterest video downloader online tool. Are you looking for Pinterest video downloader APK? Pintloader has an easy solution for you. Here is a step-by-step simple, and easy-to-follow guide to downloading Pinterest content. You can download videos from any link quickly.

How to Download Using Phone? Pinterest to MP4

If you are downloading via mobile phone, android or iOS, follow the below-mentioned steps one by one using this video downloader to download Pinterest videos:

  • Search on your browser or launch the Pinterest app on your mobile phone.
  • Click on the Pinterest search bar from your browser or app and type your query.
  • After clicking the search icon or pressing the enter key, you will see a list of the most relatable Pinterest results, including videos, images, or gifs according to your search query.
  • Click on your desired video; the video will open. Click on the button with the video name a copy button will pop. Copy the video URL by clicking on this copy button.
  • Once you copy the URL, go to the Pinterest video downloader tool and paste this URL into the search bar of the tool site.
    ​Click the download button very next to the search bar.
  • Different video formats will appear on your phone screen, which varies in quality and resolution; choose your desired format.
  • Click the download button for your video or image, or it will save the gif to your device in a short time.
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Pinterest Video Downloader Online
Pinterest Video Downloader tool
Pinterest to MP4 Video Downloader

How to Download Using Desktop? Video Download by URL

Downloading via desktop is almost similar to the mobile phone. Let’s discuss all steps one by one on how to save videos from Pinterest to MP4 or your desired format in high resolution using our free online video downloader:

  • Go to your browser, search for or open a desktop application, and search your query by typing your keyword in the Pinterest search bar.
  • A list of relevant results will appear. Choose the most relevant video according to your choice.
  • By clicking the video, you will play it. Click on the video below, and a copy button will pop up. Copy the video URL by clicking this button.
  • Go to the Pinterest video downloader, paste this link into the tool’s site search bar, and click download.
  • Different video formats will appear based on quality. You can download Pinterest video in MP4, 240p, 360p, 480p, 720p and 1080p HD results. After choosing your favorite format, click download, which will save the video to your desktop.
Pinterest Video Downloader - Free MP4 Online Downloader

Features of our Pinterest Downloader? 4k Video Downloader

Pintloader is completely free and easy to use. It is designed for your ease if you are looking for Pinterest story downloader, Pinterest image downloader or Pinterest Gif downloader you are at the right place.

  • This Pinterest downloader is reliable, relatively secure, and easy to use.
  • You don’t need to sign in or up for your Pinterest account.
  • All devices supported.
  • Download your videos with high accuracy, resolution and quality HDR results.
  • All search engines supported.
  • The single-click downloading option is available to download gifs, videos, photos.
  • Various downloading formats are available, from 240p to 1080p.
  • This tool is entirely free without any downloading restrictions

How to download Pinterest Videos using Pintloader?

1- Go to Pinterest

Downloading Pinterest content is no more complicated, here we are going to describe the easiest steps to download Pinterest media using our online Pinterest video downloader.

Free Pinterest video downloader
Free Pinterest video downloader tool

2- Login to Pinterest

To download Pinterest media you can either sign in or proceed without signing in, this is completely your choice. If you are signed in to your Pinterest account you can avail more features. So, it is better to use Pinterest signed in.

3- Select Pinterest Video

Select the video of your choice, after video selection you are just few seconds away.

Pinterest downloader online
Pinterest video downloader free

4- Copy Video URL

Open the video you want to download or save to your gallery. You can either copy the URL by doing a right-click on the video and copy URL from there. Second way to copy video URL simply open the video in a new tab and copy video URL from the top search bar. Click Ctrl+A to select the video URL, and click Ctrl + C to copy the Pinterest video URL.

5- Paste the Video URL

Go to your browser and type, and paste the video URL in tool search bar. In this way you will save video from link.

Pinterest Video Downloader Online Tool
Online Pinterest Video Downloader

6- Video Fetching from Pinterest to MP4

After pasting the video URL, Pintloader will auto fetch your video from Pinterest. Videos are not stored on Pintloader but this tool instantly fetches video from Pinterest and download video in seconds.

7- Click three Dots

It will take only a few seconds, once the Pinterest MP4 downloader HD fetches the video. Click three dots at the bottom right.

Best Video Downloader
Online Pinterest Pin Downloader

8- Click Download Button

After that click the Download button on the bottom right of the video.

9- Pinterest Video Download Status

Once you click the Download button video will start downloading and saving to your gallery. Enjoy the downloaded media you can also use this downloaded video on other social networks without any fear of copyright.

Save Pinterest Videos Online

Frequently Asked Questions

Pinterest Downloader is a reliable tool for downloading videos, images, gifs, stories, live streaming, and reels in all formats without compromising the actual video results.

No, visit the tool site, and after pasting your media link, you can download MP4 HD media file on your device.

Yes, this Pinterest video downloader 4K is supported on all devices, including Android, iOS, Mac, and desktop. There is no device restriction.

Pinterest is a well-known social media platform with audience across the world. A post on Pinterest is called a pin. Using this social media networking platform, you can get ideas about every niche.

Pinterest do not allow its users to download its content directly, so it is legal to use Pinterest video downloader to download and use that content for offline purpose.

Not at all; you need the file URL, copy and paste it into the tool site search bar and proceed towards downloading procedure as mentioned above.

Yes, you can convert videos into MP4 format using the online Pinterest video downloader. The tool itself has an MP4 downloading feature as well.

No, this tool is entirely free without any downloading restrictions. You can access it any time and download unlimited content from Pinterest to MP4.

Just wait for the live streaming to end. Copy its URL and paste it into the tool site search bar; after that, follow the same procedure for online video downloading from Pinterest to MP4 format.

Pinterest limits its users to download media across this platform to avoid duplicate content or copyright issues but still there are sites which allows you to download Pinterest videos, images and stories easily.

Final Words

Pintloader is a platform to assist you in downloading your favorite content across Pinterest in your desired format with a single click without wasting your time. Download Pinterest videos to your gallery easily. Pintloader aims to provide you with the best Pinterest video downloading tools free of cost. For full HD video download, Pintloader is a perfect choice.

You can rely on this online MP4 downloader to download HD video or your favorite content. Using this video downloader, download any video from any link on Pinterest. Along with Pinterest video downloader this Pinterest downloader serves as a hassle free Pinterest image downloader, Pinterest Gif downloader and Pinterest story downloader as well. Enjoy easy downloading!